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Individual  Coaching:

Claudia typically uses an assessment-based coaching approach to include any number of instruments
which provide windows of awareness to the person or team being coached. These could include:

·       Personality Assessments such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator,  the FIRO-B
(Fundamental Interpersonal Relationships Orientation-Behavior), the Change Style Indicator,
the Strengths Deployment Inventory, the Emotional Intelligence Inventory.


·         360-degree Assessments (Self ratings compared with Boss, Peers, Direct Reports).


·         Interviews with Bosses, Peers, Direct Reports and possibly Customers in order to assess
 the impact on others, both Strengths and Developmental Needs for improvement. 
Results of these interviews include specific behaviors that can be employed for immediate


·         Ongoing face-to-face or telephone coaching as outlined in the coaching contract to
meet the goals of the individual.




Team and Organizational Coaching:


·         Includes an assessment of the challenges facing the team or the organization.


·         Team and organizational culture assessments used as needed.


·         Robust dialogue to understand the similarities and differences of team members.


·         Strategies to deal with the challenges.








Dr. Claudia Busch Lee has been coaching
individuals, teams and organizations for
the last 15 years. Her ‘coaching’ actually

began when she had a private practice as

a Marriage and Family Therapist.

Business coaching started when she

became an Adjunct Coach and later a

trainer at both the Center for Creative
Leadership and the Western and Eastern

Management Development Centers, part

of the federal government’s Office of

Personnel Management.


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 executive coaching: Individual, Team, Organization



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