Over the course of the last 15 years, Claudia Busch Lee, Ph. D. President
and Founder of Catalyst Consulting, Inc. and associates have spent
thousands of hours in Executive Coaching and consulting with
organizations globally. The challenges of leaders and managers at all
levels were identified. Interviews were conducted with Bosses, Peers
and Direct Reports to discover healthy behaviors in areas of leadership
like decision-making, delegation, communication, strategic focus,
creativity, team effectiveness etc. Interviews were based on
two key questions:


What makes these leaders most effective?   




How might they be more effective?


The resounding themes resulted in the following kinds of statements:


 “I now know what I need to change. I just don’t know how to go about
changing my behavior.”


            “If only there was a way to measure progress in these people skill areas!”


“Help me develop a plan moving forward so I can continue to get feedback for my ongoing skill development.”


This overwhelming need to find a way to continually grow and develop leadership skills resulted in the
 creation of






Coaching and Developing Others

· Coaching Through Feedback

· Coaching for Development

· Coaching Through Transitions

· Problem Solving


· Written Communication

· Oral Communication

· Listening

· Interpersonal Skills

· Communication

Manager Leadership

· Technology Management

· Motivating Employees

· Flexibility

· Delegation Skills

· Decisiveness

· Conflict Management

· Accountability



FeedbackToGo.com is a an on-line Coaching and Development Tool
comprised of dozens of leadership competencies each with the
behavioral roadmap for success.


Get Ratings on These Competencies

Senior Leadership

· Trust and Credibility

· Strategic Thinking

· Partnering

· Leverage Diversity

· Influencing/Negotiating

· Entrepreneurship

· Creativity and Innovation

· Continual Learning

· Adapting to Change

Team Leadership

· Team Problem Solving

· Team Meetings

· Team Development

· Team Conflict Resolution


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What is FeedbackToGo?

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