An inspiring and energetic developer of talent, Dr. Claudia Busch Lee offers custom, immediately transferable workshops in the following areas:



      · Build on participant’s strengths, often through assessment-based learning  (360-degree assessments)        

· Discover areas for development 

· Increase awareness about self and other styles

· Discover strategic thinking and behaviors

· Enhance clarity of Vision, Mission and Values

· Create strategic alignment within the organization to increase effectiveness

· Motivate others through effective communication and collaborative decision-making

· Organizational culture diagnostics are applied to assist in systemic understanding

Team Development

· Increase knowledge of  High Performing Teams

· Build on capabilities of team dynamics to insure a variety of skill sets

· Facilitative discussions regarding personality differences and tactics to increase the ability
to work together

· Improve collaboration of the team by creating robust dialogue

· Learn constructive conflict resolution

· Learn to implement ways to insure your team is developing in a healthy and productive manner

Organizational Change

· Understand the process of organizational change

· Build skills to deal with change in a constructive fashion

· Increase strategies and tactics to insure favorable change efforts

· Integrate organizational systems to increase positive change

· Build a compelling rationale for change efforts

· Learn preferred styles of dealing with change to maximize outcome

Business Creativity

· Creative thinking is an unlimited resource possessed by every organization

· Learn the keys to a creative organizational climate

· Discover the process of creativity

· Apply exercises that engage the process of creativity

· Maximize creative problem-solving by engaging participants in discovering solutions
to real-life challenges

Coaching for Effectiveness

· Identify elements of an effective coaching relationship

· Learn tools and techniques for effective coaching

· Practice effective coaching and communication skills

· Learn how to give and receive effective feedback while ‘coaching the coach.’

· Apply the coaching process using  real-life situations

· Use the coaching online tool developed by the author at

Conflict Resolution

· Learn to identify common sources of conflict

· Practice models of conflict resolution to deal with real-life conflicts

· Apply tools and techniques to facilitate conflict resolution in teams

· Demonstrate awareness of the emotional reaction to conflict

· Discern the value of creative conflict in the workplace

· Learn to evaluate conflict situations to create a learning environment



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